4 Things to Do Before You Buy Auto Insurance

Before you buy car insurance, the following steps will help you get accurate quotes from auto insurance companies and have more productive conversations with insurance agents:

Figure Out What You Need

Before you just go out and buy any old cheap auto insurance, take a moment and look at where you're at in life. Look at your vehicle, property and driving record. Think about what might happen if you ever got in an accident.

Let's start with what North Dakota requires: all registered vehicles in the state must carry the minimum required liability limits to drive in the state. These limits are $25,000/50,000.

Beyond that, it depends upon your financial protection needs. For example:

  • Will your budget allow for unexpected expenses after an accident?
  • What would happen if someone sues you as a result of an auto accident?
  • What if you were required to pay expenses out of your own pocket?

It's not easy to answer these questions, but your Go Auto agent can help explain different coverage levels and how they fit your comfort level and budget.

Speaking of budget, what you pay for your auto insurance depends on lots of different factors: age, gender (sorry guys), driving record, where you live, what type of vehicle you drive, types and amount of coverages and your prior claims history.

Another thing to remember is that a higher deductible means a lower premium. If you're a safe driver and can afford to pay more out of your own pocket if something happens to you or your vehicle, you'll save money on your insurance bill.

You can also make choices that will help you save money on car insurance -such as choosing a particular type of car and taking advantage of our auto insurance discounts for safe drivers, good students or multiple vehicles.

If you have car insurance right now, look at your current policy - what you have now and what you currently pay. Armed with this information and your past experiences, you should start to have a feel for what you need in your next policy.

Pick a Company You Can Trust

Car insurance protects your financial security. Make sure your auto insurance company will be around for the long haul. When it's time to collect on a car insurance claim, will the company pay promptly? How long have they been in business? Again, check the reputation for customer service, and look around for customer complaints.

Go Auto is a new auto insurance option, but we've been in the insurance industry for more than 60 years, helping clients in North Dakota protect their cars, homes and businesses. We're also based in North Dakota, so it's easy to get in touch with us to answer questions and service claims.

Ask for Discounts

Go Auto wants you to be happy with your car insurance, and that means we strive to provide the best protection at a reasonable price. To help keep your cost down, we offer auto insurance discounts for things like taking safe driving courses and further discounts for insuring a home or a second (or third) vehicle with us.

Your Go Auto agent wants you to get the most coverage for your money. He or she will guide you through every possible discount before you buy.

Understand Your Policy

Before everything is final, it's a good idea to understand your coverages - and ask an agent any questions you have. This will help you understand what you're about to purchase; it also gives you a chance to make any needed changes. It also protects you from unwelcome surprises if you make a claim.