Password Reset - Provide Username
Follow these simple steps to reset your password:
  1. Provide your username below.

    Username Guidelines:

    • May be the same as your e-mail address
    • May include letters and numbers
    • Must be 6 to 50 characters
    • Cannot begin with a zero
    • Cannot include spaces nor quotes
    • Cannot be the same as your password
  2. Answer a security question.
  3. We will email (or a text message) your temporary password.
  4. E-mail vs Text Message:

    If you have provided a phone number for receiving a text message, this is how you will receive your user name. Otherwise, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address we have on record.

  5. Sign in with your temporary password within 24 hours of receiving password.
  6. Create your new password.